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"Let's see what my fans want to see this month." A busty young woman said as she opened her laptop. She turned it on and ran a brush a brush through her long brunette hair with blonde highlights.

Angie Bush specialized in balloon fetish videos. She would make videos of her blowing up balloons, playing with balloons, and popping balloons in every way imaginable and put them up for sale. Some fans would even send in scripts of things for her to say or special costumes for her to wear in the videos. Balloons really did nothing for her, but knowing she was turning all these guys on did.

Unlike most models, Angie read her own fan mail and usually replied quickly. Some fans would send messages complimenting her looks and her work, but she was looking for the fans ordering custom videos currently.

"Seems like the same ol' same ol'. Blow to pops, sit pops, Helium set." She had a sheet of paper next to her laptop. She wrote down everything the fans mentioned and made talley marks for each time a certain thing was suggested.

Finally she got to the last email in her inbox. "Ah yes, Tony's monthly order."  Tony was Angie's most loyal customer. Every month for the last 2 years he spend his hard earned money on a custom Angie clip. Several times he sent her special balloons to use. He also sent a Hooter's uniform and a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniform for her to wear.

"Again with this?" Angie asked the computer screen. As good as a customer he was, Tony also had a habit of bringing up an idea Angie didn't really care for. Every 3 or 4 months he would suggest Angie get a giant balloon and climb inside.

It wasn't necessarily a bad idea. In fact Angie had done it twice before and the resulting clips where the best sellers on her sight. The problem was that on a shoot, it was just Angie and her photographer. Should something go wrong she didn't have a good escape plan.

"What's on tap for this shoot?" A tall man with gray hair said as he walked in the room.

"More of the same, John" Angie said to her photographer. "Tony requested a climb in again. I'm about to send him the usual email letting him know I'm not comfortable with it."

"You know, if you would just do one for him he'd stop asking." John said.

"We've had this discussion before. With just me and you in there what would happen if something went wrong? And I've seen you work. Your usually to concerned with getting the shot."

"Don't worry, you're where my paychecks come from. I wouldn't let anything happen to you. Plus your 2 climb in clips are the best sellers. It's about time we do another one."

"You too?" Angie let out a long groan. "There's no way I'm gonna win this argument is there?"


""Fine. I'll do it." she turned back to laptop to let Tony know he'd finally get his wish.

Sitting in front of a computer a couple hundred miles away, a young man with short brown hair heard the noise that signaled that he had a new email.

"Oh good, Angie sent her quarterly rejection email." he said with a tone of sarcasm. H skimmed the email quickly . When he saw the word "yes" his eyes about popped out of his head. He went back and carefully read the email.

"So she finally decided to do a climb in and she's gonna wear the Hooter's uniform." An evil smile crept across his face. "Phase one complete. Time to go to Phase two."

Tony pushed his chair back from the desk and walked across his bedroom. He kneeled down and took a black lock box from under the bed. He opened the box and pulled out two giant uninflated balloons. One had a tiny black line on it. "It's show time boys." He ran back to his desk to make travel arrangements.

Angie finally agrees to climb inside a balloon.

Chapter 2: [link]
FreakyDude6 Featured By Owner May 21, 2010
Good start!
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I love this can't wait to see part 2
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